The Six-Figure Client System

For B2B Consultants, Coaches, Trainers and Other Solopreneurs

Land a Whale-Sized Client

Step Up Your Game!


Tired of being second-tier?

Go bigger.

Consultants, coaches, business trainers and other solopreneurs can outgrow their clients --and then you spend more time selling than you spend getting paid! Let's fix that. What are you waiting for?

Topics and Activities

Unit One: Prepare for the Program


  • Welcome!
  • How to Use This the Thinkific Learning Platform
  • Course Journal
  • Lesson 1: Time Travel
  • Worksheet: Whale Hunting Culture
  • Lesson 2: Your Village, Your Boat
  • Lesson 3: Map Your Whale Hunting Process
  • Worksheets: Sales Process

Unit Two: Build Your Process

  • Lesson 4: Be Worth 6-Figures--One
  • Lesson 5: Be Worth 6-Figures -- Two
  • Worksheets: Build Your Process

Unit Three: Become a Peer

  • Lesson 6: Lose the Minnow Mindset
  • Lesson 7: Control the Lens
  • Worksheets: Become a Peer

Unit Four: Overcome Whale Fears

  • Lesson 8: Whales Are Afraid of You
  • Lesson 9:Identify Your Fear Busters
  • Lesson 10: Create Your Fear Busters Development Plan
  • Worksheets: Overcome Whale Fears
  • How's the course going for you so far?

Unit Five: Find Your "Right" Whales

  • Lesson 11: Develop Your Target Filter
  • Target Filter Template
  • Lesson 12: Find Ideal Whales
  • Lesson 13: Build Dossiers
  • Worksheet: Dossier

Unit 6: Open a Big Door

  • Lesson 14: Choose Your Target Client
  • Lesson 15: Locate Key Contacts
  • Lesson 16: Identify Whale Signs
  • Worksheets: Open a Big Door

Unit 7: Hunt Your Whale

  • Lesson 17: Get Strategic Insights
  • Lesson 18: Design Your Meeting Plan
  • Lesson 19: Polish Your Process
  • Lesson 20: Have Your First Meeting
  • Worksheets: Hunt Your Whale

Unit 8: Ride Your Whale

  • Lesson 21: Discover the Buyers' Table
  • Lesson 22: Follow Your Sales Process
  • Lesson 23: Create Your 6-Figure Proposal
  • Lesson 24: Make Your Presentation
  • Worksheets: Ride Your Whale

Unit 9: Land Your Whale

  • Lesson 25: Negotiate the Contract
  • Lesson 26: Bring Your Client Onboard!
  • Worksheets: Land Your Whale

About Your Instructor

Barbara Weaver Smith

Barbara Weaver Smith

Founder and CEO, The Whale Hunters, Inc.

Hi! I am  founder and CEO of The Whale Hunters, a remarkable business dedicated to helping small and midsize companies land big deals with big customers--bigger companies and corporations that can do deals 10x or 20x their current average deal size. I wrote the seminal book on this topic-- Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company (Wiley 2008)-- and I've personally, successfully, guided more than 50 companies through The Whale Hunters Process to grow their businesses. 

My clients grow their companies, reduce their cost of sale, increase their margins, and do more business with their current big customers. They take their business to a whole new level of success and professionalism. In my online and blended courses, I deliver the same program materials and advice that I do in onsite workshops and consulting engagements, but in formats that can reach you faster, fit into your insane schedule, give you control over your own learning and practice time, and save you money!


Even as a seasoned business owner, I learned a ton from her.
Melinda Emerson @SmallBizLady
Barbara has been there for coaching and support as I have brought in many huge deals.
Michael Miller Account Executive
What I was giving away for free before is now a set of assets that I sell!
Dianna Geairn Founder, The Solid-Six Blueprint


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