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Whale Hunting is the fastest, safest, and surest way to take your company's revenue and margins to the next level. With Barbara's expert guidance, your team will learn the key skills, tools and confidence needed to tackle the most daunting situations with ease. This course is designed for a team of up to four people from one company for one price. Before you know it, you'll be landing a steady diet of whales!

And it's good for your whales, too!

Whales are reborn.

Inuit whale hunters returned every whale's head to the sea, believing it would be reborn another year.  Your whale-sized customers will be reborn through your service to them. It's a whole new mindset.

Course Topics

  1.  Become a Whale Hunting company--hunt like the Inuit, The Whale Hunters Process, and how the program works.
  2. Define your Ideal Whale--sales and marketing collaboration, create your Target Filter, and find ideal whales.
  3. Overcome Whale Fears--whales are afraid of you, identify fear busters, and fear busters plan.
  4. Get Smarter with Research--build dossiers, create your Whale Chart, and gain competitive knowledge.
  5. Build your Sales Process--vision and leadership, your process design, and understand the buyers' table.
  6. Open Bigger Doors--talk to key clients, get strategic insights, and design your meeting plan.
  7. Use Insights and Tools--account planning, tools that help, and mistakes to avoid.
  8. Win with Presentations--the road show, the big show, and more mistakes to avoid. 
  9. Onboard like experts--negotiate the contract, bring the client onboard, and next steps.

How It Works

  • New topic materials (video plus materials and work assignments) are released for your team every Monday. 
  • On Wednesday your instructor leads a 90-minute group coaching call to talk about course content and answer questions.
  • You may submit questions ahead of time via email, or live during the call.
  • All calls are recorded for you to hear later if you have to miss one.
  • You may also enroll in a private Facebook group and engage in a course discussion board inside the course platform.

To enroll your team, have one person register for the course. Then email with the names and email addresses of your additional three team members.

For best results, Include your president/CEO, sales leader, marketing leader, and one other--another salesperson, your COO, a customer service rep or other customer-facing person.

About Your Instructor

Barbara Weaver Smith

Barbara Weaver Smith

Founder and CEO, The Whale Hunters, Inc.

Hi! I am  founder and CEO of The Whale Hunters, a remarkable business dedicated to helping small and midsize companies land big deals with big customers--bigger companies and corporations that can do deals 10x or 20x their current average deal size. I wrote the seminal book on this topic-- Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company (Wiley 2008)-- and I've personally, successfully, guided more than 50 companies through The Whale Hunters Process to grow their businesses. 

My clients grow their companies, reduce their cost of sale, increase their margins, and do more business with their current big customers. They take their business to a whole new level of success and professionalism. In my online and blended courses, I deliver the same program materials and advice that I do in onsite workshops and consulting engagements, but in formats that can reach you faster, fit into your insane schedule, give you control over your own learning and practice time, and save you money!


Creating a Target Filter

Fear Busting

Your Sales Process

Opening Big Doors

Staging The Big Show

Risk-Free Onboarding


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